Brand You Funnels | Support Call – February 3, 2021

Below are the topics discussed on the call along with timestamps for each topic:

1:00-  step by step calendar setup and standard operating procedure document explained

5:36- Robby is a BYF coach and will lead a call each month

7:45- navigation bar will be changing and updates on that

10:33- some wins shared from BYF members this week

16:34- explanation on if you can create a new offer with a new price point without having to recreate new checkout information

23:00- some tips on URL redirect

26:13- tips on creating a custom email signature

34:34- breakdown of what subdomain, directory, domain name, custom domain, etc. means

37:40- update that will allow BYF funnels to be one of the fastest load times and DNS updates

44:41- how to find BYF slack on your browser when you have other slack channels

47:50- is it possible to not publish certain parts on your website

51:36- stripe integration tips

53:15- best way to create a funnel where they fill out information before they have access to book a call