Facebook Ban

Facebook Ban

Big brands are boy cutting Facebook. How does that affect the small, medium size businesses and their marketing on Facebook? Stay tuned. I intro Pfizer for Microsoft and Starbucks. These are just a few of the brands that have decided to boycott Facebook this month, possibly longer, maybe for the end of the year. So how does that affect small, medium sized businesses setting aside politics? I just wanted to point out face I’m sorry. Setting aside politics, Starbucks alone spent $95 million last year on Facebook ads. So how does that affect you? Well, the way Facebook algorithm works is that it, the person who spends the most money gets the most exposure. Think, I think it might be self-explanatory, but so what does it mean when all these big brands are boycotting? Well, that means that the small, medium sized companies that don’t have a $95 million budget actually might get shown a lot more than it normally would because there’s less competition in that space.


So Starbucks is targeting people who like to drink coffee. If you are in the coffee brand or the beverage space, imagine putting out some ads to that same exact audience and with Starbucks, not in the equation, you might actually have more exposure and the cost per result might be significantly lower. So if you are, have not done Facebook advertising, or maybe you just don’t know how to do it, this is a really good time to jump in. But one thing I wanted to go over is the three main objectives of what you probably should be thinking of when you do Facebook ads and also what you should not be doing. So I’ll start with what you should not be doing. Please do not boost your post.


Please do not boost your posts. There, there is a, there is a strategy with boosting posts, but it’s a very specific strategy. And if you don’t know what that is, you are wasting your money. So the proper way of doing Facebook ads is to actually set up a campaign, have create your audience and create your ad. And so by doing that, there’s three main objectives that you should be thinking of. And you should have that in mind prior to ever spending any Facebook ad dollars, number one, brand authority. So if you are, let’s just say there’s Kleenex as a brand and maybe you are another tissue brand. People know what tissues are. They just need to know your brand authority, just being able to get your brand known, um, that is easy to do on Facebook. You can get a lot of engagements, um, for a very minimal cost per result.


And so that is a great opportunity for you there. Number two, list building, okay. A lot of people are just focused on the sale. Like I just want to get a customer. I just want someone to buy something, but don’t overlook the fact that, Hey, by building a list, offering something for free in exchange for an email. So you have a list it’s just as powerful. Let me tell you this, you spend a minimal budget list building, but offering something that people actually want in exchange for an email, which is not easy to do nowadays. So you really need to figure out what people would be willing to give up an email address for and build that. So that way, if you have a list of 10,000, 50,000 hundred thousand emails, when a holiday comes up, let’s just say, 4th of July or labor day, you send out an email, offering a special to actually sell something and you can make easy 10 50, a hundred thousand dollars in one weekend on your list because you’ve built a list and you’ve cultivated a relationship with them through an email.


So it can be through email. I should correct myself. It can be through email. It could be through messenger. It can be through text. That’s not as, uh, easy to do from high volume perspective. People will get annoyed. So be mindful of that, but list building where you have their information, you’re able to connect with them and tell them about your latest brand, your latest product, your latest flavor, whatever it is. So don’t overlook list building. And finally the most obvious is to actually advertise and market something for sale, your product or service, promote that and have people purchase that. And so that is a very obvious one. A lot of people try to jump to that as their first one. I highly recommend you really consider looking to see if brand authority or list building could potentially be another objective that you can start with during this time.