My Thoughts On The Facebook IOS Update

My Thoughts On The Facebook IOS Update

The IOS update are tanking my ads! Do Facebook Ads even work anymore?

I’m sure many of you have had these thoughts at some point in your business in these last few months. I get asked this ALL the time! And of course the reason they ask is because ultimately you are looking for leads.

“Connie, how do I get more leads?” (Just got asked this during a Brand You Funnels Onboarding Call earlier this week.

From what I’ve seen with paid advertising, I noticed many have treated it like a gumball machine. You put money in and you get an awesome return.

But it doesn’t work that way. And if you think like that you will definitely be one of the people complaining about the IOS update.

The real magic comes from creating consistent content.

I love what Mike Kim said here during one of our mastermind calls.

“When I look back on my journey, the reason I made it as a coach to be honest is because I had consistent content. It maximized… it doubled, tripled, quadrupled, sometimes 10X, the relationship that I had with leads and even with clients. And when I look at freelancers, coaches or any other service provider who struggles at times with the income seesaw, I can almost always point to the fact that they didn’t have consistent content out.”

Mic Drop!

This is so true! I see it in my own business and I see the difference in my clients. The content machine vs the ones looking for short cuts.

There are no short cuts to finding a consistent flow of your ideal customers.

Mike also goes into more detail in his book “You Are The Brand” when he talks about platforms. If you haven’t picked up your copy you must!

So going back to the concerns about the IOS update. Honestly Facebook still works, I’m still getting leads under a $1. But I noticed it works really well for those that create good consistent content and not as well for others. Same process setting up the Facebook ads for both clients but different outcome and it all comes down to content.

So how do you get more leads? How do you find your ideal clients? You do this by creating consistent content. Paid ads are here to amplify what’s already working organically in your business. So you can sit and complain about how Facebook keeps changing things (something out of your control) or you can start or increase the amount of creating consistent content (something you do have control).