What is your Super Power?

What is your Super Power?

What is your Super Power?

(It’s a long post. If you want to just jump down to the super power it’s the 4th paragraph from the bottom)

My sons, Aidan and Colin, love super heros. I always have a hard time with this question. When you offer services that many other agencies offer. You start to wonder what makes you special.
I was having a great conversation with Kris today. And I don’t know if he knew it but as I was sharing about myself I was able to put into words what my super power was. I’m an external processor and sometimes I talk and I realize afterwards…

oh that was good. Haha!

So here it goes!

I started my entrepreneur journey by quitting my corporate job. No plan other than Jerry and I were going to flip houses like the show “Flip This House”. Jerry and I set up other businesses since then, we were serial entrepreneurs.

Until one day I attended a Funnel Hacking Live event in San Diego in 2016 purely because Marcus Lemonis was speaking. Then Russell Brunson put out an offer saying there was going to be a certification program where you don’t have to have any previous experience in tech/ web design to join and you will learn all you need to start your marketing agency. At that point all I knew was Microsoft office, a few Amazon apps, Quickbooks and the MLS. I was nervous and excited. I loved the idea of working with entrepreneurs and strategizing about marketing. It was the tech part that was scaring me.

I’m not going to lie, it was hard. I remember learning how to set up a sub domain in Clickfunnels and I had to watch the training over and over and even had to take a week break because let’s face it DNS, Cloudflare, etc it’s not the most exciting thing to learn. I even told Jerry I wanted to give up a couple of times. We had several assignments to turn in and a final project to do to pass. It was one of the best certifications ever! Thanks Nora Sudduth! It was one of my most proudest accomplishments of my life. The following 2-3 years as the agency grew I was thrown into the fire experiencing any and all tech problem imaginable working with all different kinds of clients. What a humbling time but I’m thankful for that time and that experience. I feel I can confidentially say today that I can overcome any tech obstacle that comes my way because I have learned how to deal with so many issues in the past.

As the agency continued to grow so did the team I was able to work closely with some highly skilled and talented developers. I learned to talk their language (although I asked a lot of questions) but ultimately I understood some very technical things. It was the only way I could make a decision. I HAD to understand the situation. After spending hours and hours learning what the issues were I was able to inquire about additional options and ultimately come to a solution that works technically but still
accomplishes what we want to accomplish from a sales and marketing perspective. As an entrepreneur you learn to think outside the box and I surprised myself when I started to suggest things that even the developer didn’t think of. So then once a solution was reached I can then explain a very technical situation to business owners in a non technical way.

Sorry for the long post I promise I’m getting to my super power.
All that to say…

My super power is that I am the liaison between the business owner and the tech team but I see the situation through the eyes of an entrepreneur who will always push the limits and lean towards solutions that will grow sales and marketing.

Is this even a thing? I don’t know

But I know it’s special. And I needed to write it down so I don’t forget so I decided to share it with y’all.

If you read this till the end. Thank you!! I appreciate you listening.