What I truly think about ClickFunnels?

What I truly think about ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels Review
Clickfunnels Review

Hi, I’m Connie J Pak and I’m a ClickFunnel Certified Partner. And I’m going to tell you today, what I truly think about ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels Certified Partner Program

First of all, I want to start by saying ClickFunnels, discontinue their certified partner program December, 2017. So what does that mean? It means there has not been any more new people that have been certified from that point on. And secondly, anyone who was certified prior to that maintains their certification as long as they maintain good standing as a ClickFunnels member, feel free to look me up in the marketplace cause I’m still listed there. Second, this is a review of ClickFunnels, not Russell Brunson.

Okay. Going off on a little tangent here, I love Russell Brunson. I think he’s one of the most brilliant, amazing marketers of our time. And if you have not read Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets or Traffic Secrets, These are really big books, by the way, I highly recommend that you do so because these are some of the most amazing marketing books that will really be able to get your online business going. In addition to that, I absolutely love some of his concepts that he shared and I’m sure he’s gotten it from other marketers before him, but I love how he’s shared with us, the ideas of the big domino, the hook story, offer the hero’s journey. And don’t worry, don’t worry. I’ll be making a video on all of these things, but I just wanted to name a few of the things I just absolutely love about Russell Brunson’s teachings and how he conveys marketing and things like that to the rest of us. So again, this is not a review of Russell Brunson. It’s a review of ClickFunnels. Third, I am only referring to the funnel builder aspect of ClickFunnels and not the email system, which ClickFunnels refers to as Actionetics, not the membership sites and not the affiliate program, which they refer to as backpack.

This is not considering those parts of ClickFunnels. I’m referring to just their basic $97 a month program. That is purely based on the funnel side. And number four, I am assuming, you know, what a funnel is versus a website. And if you don’t go check out my other video where I break down the, between funnels and websites, because we won’t be getting into that here. So are you ready to hear what I really think about ClickFunnels? So let me start off by saying who it is not for. It is not for someone who likes to customize their sites, exactly how they want. So if you’re very particular, you’re a perfectionist and you need to customize things a certain way. From a design perspective, I highly recommend WordPress or Shopify because click funnels is not the platform for it. Number two, it is not for someone who has a variety of different choices with their product.

For example, if you sell different sizes, small, medium, large, or if you sell different flavors, pocket, strawberry vanilla, or if you sell a different colors, red, white, and blue. So you offer a lot of these variations and you need like, people are able to mix and match. You know, I want medium bred. T-shirt like it it’s, that’s really not the place for you. Number three would be if you want it to offer discount coupons for different coupons, for different people in different groups. And for, it’s not for you, if you want to offer different pricing, especially more than like three different pricing. I think up to three, it’s fine. But anything more than that, it might be a little hard. And am I saying this cannot happen on ClickFunnels? No, that is not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that it requires additional coding to make it work.

And when, when there’s more coding involved, there’s more complications, there’s more potential breaks. There’s more, uh, potential of things not working. And there’s honestly more superior platforms to use when you need to have that kind of level of customization. That click funnels just wouldn’t be the one I would recommend. So there you have it. This is who it is not for. Brings me to what I do like about click funnels. Number one, I’ve been using it for quite some time. So it is really one of the most easiest platforms for me to work in. I’ve pretty much experienced almost every single problem that is possible, I believe. And so I feel like I can fix any issue that comes up. So that’s one thing I like about it. A couple of the features that I love most about ClickFunnels are number one, split testing.

Split Testing

I love that you can have a control and a variation and to have different headlines or different copy. And you’re able to send traffic 50% to control 50% to variation and actually see which one performs better, which one gets the most, most often some most sales, which one performs better and declare a winner. That is super cool. Another feature that I love is the ability to do the upsells and down sells so easily. This I have to say, ClickFunnels has done an amazing job. You get someone to come to your page, they pull out their wallet and they actually buy something. They’ve now become a customer prior to them getting to the confirmation or the thank you page. You offer them one or two more things related to what they just bought. How easy is it for someone to buy shampoo and then you’ll sell them a conditioner and a body wash who wouldn’t take the whole set.

Upsells, Downsells, and Bumps

And so it’s just such an amazing way to increase your cart value and have the ability to add the upsells. Or down sells another feature that I love are the bumps. Oh my goodness. It is just a little check box, right underneath where your credit card information goes. And all you are offering is a little more of what you just sold them an additional one. So a second one, if you just bought one, maybe it’s just rush shipping, maybe it’s priority shipping. Maybe it’s a PDF on how to use what they bought, such simple little things at very small values that will increase your cart value of your orders so much more. So I love the bump feature. And the last one I wanted to highlight on today’s video is the exit pops. Okay? People come to your funnel and maybe they aren’t ready to buy.

Payment Options

You know, I would say probably the number one reason will be that they’re a little unsure about making a payment on a site that they’re not familiar with. I mean, we’ve all been there where we may have experienced some fraud. There’s a lot of talks about, you know, be careful don’t fight from shady websites. So what I love to do as an exit pop is, Hey, wait, before you go, what if I give you a coupon to buy this exact same product on Amazon at a discounted price today, we’ll let you, we’re already considering buying this. So why not? And so then they can click. They give you an email, you send them a coupon code and now they get to go on Amazon, a trusted site to go and get their prime shipping and purchase their item. And so exit pops have been amazing as well.

A Great Platform for Digital Products

So who do I think ClickFunnels is for I’ve broken it down to number one. I think it is a great platform for anyone selling digital products. So if you’re selling a course, a membership, I think ClickFunnels is a great way to create a long form sales page. You can even follow Donald Miller’s Story Brand concept and talk about the pain points. Um, the benefits, the solution at testimonials ClickFunnels is a great platform for that. I also think it’s great for some eCommerce businesses. So for eCommerce businesses, as long as it doesn’t fall under those categories, I mentioned under who it’s not for. I think it’s a perfect fit. So for example, if you are selling like a shampoo at a really great price, for example, you can do free plus shipping and then your upsell is a conditioner. And then you throw in a body wash, you can increase your cart value.
You don’t have a variety of sizes. They usually come in one size it’s clean and simple ClickFunnels would be a great platform to sell those kinds of products.

And the last one would be an advertorial page. And if you don’t know what an advertorial pages, it would be a page that resembles like an online news article. So whether it’s published on Forbes magazine, men’s health, women’s health, whatever your industry is, if you model your advertorial page to resemble that where it’s very value focused and subtle with the sales click funnels would be a great puffer to do that. We’ve had tremendous success with products. That’s really hard to just take to a product page where they’ll just buy and people just need a little bit more information about the product advertorial page is the perfect way to do that.

So what do I really think about ClickFunnels?

Well, the answer is it depends. I know a little anti-climactic right, but it truly is because I don’t know your industry. I don’t know what you’re selling. And it really does depend based on that, on what it is that you’re selling. And I hope that I was able to break it down enough where you can say, Hey, my product or my service falls under this category. So then it’s not for Click Funnels or it is for ClickFunnels. My hope is that I was able to give you some guidance as to what it would be good for and what it wouldn’t be good for. And so with clients, what do I do if they fall under my, this ClickFunnels is not good for category, then no, I do not offer ClickFunnels to those clients. I will actually recommend either WordPress or Shopify. Those would be my other two options. People who do fall under the categories of the exact types of businesses, ClickFunnels should be used for then hundred percent. It’s one of my favorite platforms to go to. I shared with you already, my favorite features and pants down. It’s one of the easiest to put together. I, I love, I love the program a hundred percent. I hope this is helpful.