A Failed Business That Was 100% Avoidable If I had Just Done This One Crucial Step

A Failed Business That Was 100% Avoidable If I had Just Done This One Crucial Step

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Your  Business will not fail if you did  Tzhis One Crucial Step!


This was 2012 I was a new mom and I had an amazing mom business/product idea that I was convinced every mom would buy. I even started thinking through how I would pitch the sharks presenting to Lori, Mark, etc.

I sourced the product, I created a logo, I created a brand, I designed a custom box for it. It was beautiful! I was so proud.

The product was food scissors for toddlers made with ceramic not steel blades and the best part it came in a cute carrying case.

As you probably sensed, I did not go on Shark Tank. I did not even sell my inventory of 1000. This ended up being a huge disappointment and an expensive learning lesson. $10,000 expensive. I could have avoided this costly mistake by doing this one thing.

Validate Your Biz Idea With Facebook Ads

I will never skip this step again when launching a new business idea.

Here is high level overview of what Validation Testing is.

1. Figure out my offer
2. Find as many audiences I can that may buy from me
3. Run a Facebook ad campaign to test the offer to the audience
4. People you don’t know online will give you some of the most honest feedback
5. Within 2 weeks I am usually able to confirm that this is a winner or it requires a more longer sales cycle. If it’s the latter you will then have to decide what is my runway. Am I willing to play long term to see this through or do I prefer to try another offer or idea?

I would have discovered that food scissors for toddlers is not a utensil used by everyone. So the learning curve is steep and honestly I didn’t have the desire to continue pursuing this business.

How nice would it have been if I ran a Facebook Ads Validation Testing campaign to find out sooner. This is a test I do for most of my clients and they are so grateful. If you would like to join a bootcamp where I share some insights on validation Testing