Personality Tests: Which is Better? Kolbe vs Enneagram vs Birkman

Personality Tests: Which is Better? Kolbe vs Enneagram vs Birkman

Did you know personality tests can help you grow your business?  

There are business focused tests that cover things like leadership, team work, communication that can help you see your blind spots or stress behavior.  

Here are my results for all 3 Personality Test assessments and my takeaway from them.

Personality Test
Kolbe Personality Test

When I see the steps listed for “When free to use your strengths:”  I see my system for digital marketing parallel to how strengths work.  

  1. Create a plan of attack = Create a blueprint for a marketing campaign
  2. Review data = Analyze Facebook Ads stats, Funnel stats & Email stats
  3. Adjust to changes = Optimize Ads and Funnels
  4. Visualize solutions = Strategize phase 2 or next campaign


Personality Test
Enneagram Personality Test

I have to admit I had a harder time reading through the report on this one.  

As type 2 I’m considered a Considerate Helper. It says I should be aware that others may experience me as manipulative or intrusive.  It also says at a low integration I would “interpret negative feedback as meaning that a person doesn’t like me.” So probably makes sense why this assessment rubbed me the wrong way.  

It repeated over and over messages like “you may find the self development journey particularly difficult and challenging.”  

What I can take away is as a 2 I’m having a really hard time building my personal brand.  My desire is to share what I do with my clients with more people. But I’m fighting against myself to push aside the fear of rejection, and to share my thoughts and insights on marketing freely.  



Personality Test
Birkman Personality Test


All my symbols on Birkman is Green which is Communicator.  It says I like selling and promoting and influencing people directly.  It said I needed flexibility and I needed to keep unnecessary rules to a minimum.  This was a clear sign that the life of a W2 employee was not for me. I LOVE the flexibility of life as an entrepreneur.  

So my top 2 Birkman Interests were Administrative and Persuasive which is perfect for running a marketing agency.  Having to juggle the project management AND client relationship management. 

Ok.  So one thing I have to admit…   I am actually a Certified Birkman Consultant.  So I had a 3 day intensive training on how to interpret Birkman and met with the creator’s wife (the creator passed away a few years ago).  So I can interpret Birkman much better than the others.  

Which brings me to the question: Which Personality Test is Better?  I would have to say the Birkman Assessment. Mainly because I understand it better and have studied it more.  But as you can see above the takeaways are strong for all assessments. I’m not doing it justice by only highlighting a couple points the depth of each assessment is deep and so much to unpack.  

If you would like to take a Birkman  Assessment click the link below and we will get you set up.


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