Document Your Journey (COVID 19 Story)

Document Your Journey (COVID 19 Story)

Document Your Journey (COVID 19 Story)
The story of the COVID 19 Journey

March 13, 2020, Trump just announced that the corona virus is a pandemic. One by one states were requiring people to stay home on lock down. Businesses were closing.

My client who is a medical office in Arizona was getting 70% of their appointments canceling and staff was not showing up for fear of the Corona Virus. It was not looking promising.

But the founders of the medical group were determined to find a way to serve their community during this health crisis. They were able to get all the certifications and approval to offer a COVID-19 antibody test. They were one of the few in the state to be able to administer the test.

Next thing they know they were asked to speak on Good Morning Arizona which caught so much attention that we turned off their $2000/day Facebook ads campaign. Needless to say they are extremely busy right now trying to keep up with the need.

In our next strategy session, I shared about how important it is for them to be documenting this journey through professional video sharing about the COVID-19 journey.

COVID-19 will one day pass (hopefully) but the determination and heart to serve the community from the founders and staff at this medical office will live forever.

Whether your business is in a slump or a growth stage my message to you is to document it by words or video so that the message and/ or learning experience lives on forever and it becomes a part of your story.