Savage Marketer Podcast- The 3 “R” System

Savage Marketer Podcast- The 3 “R” System

Savage Marketer Podcast
Savage Marketer Podcast

I literally had 10 mins to figure out what to share on my first guest appearance on a video podcast “Savage Marketer” with Jeff J Hunter. It was such a great experience to be his guest. Jeff is a branding expert and had an amazing set up at the Hilton Hotel in San Diego.

I started my business wanting to help businesses grow one at a time. I talk regularly with my clients, we become a team and we celebrate the wins as we see amazing growth over the years we are working together. I recently started to see the benefits of sharing my strategies more openly on platforms in order to potentially help even more businesses scale.

So, yes, I had 10 mins to come up with a share but it was easy for me to choose. I shared in his podcast the journey of my client who had never used Facebook Ads and how we implemented the 3R System over a span of 8 months and helped to generate $4,000,000.

I chose this because I felt the principles of this strategy can apply to ALL businesses.

Are you ready to dive in???

First “R” is Reactivate. Any business that has been around has a list of customers and you may have a manual method in place to have people come back. How consistent has that been for your business? It is so important to set up a simple automation to make sure this always consistently happens in the background. It can be every 3 month, 6 months, or 1 year depending on your business.

Have you received a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon in the mail? Just when you forget about them you get another coupon in the mail so you are reminded. And when you think about getting your squatty potty you think about Bed Bath and Beyond. That is what you want to do for your business. Of course in a much more efficient way and better tracking. And the best part is that you can pre-schedule your message to them so that it is automated. What you say and how you say the message are crucial to a successful REACTIVATE campaign.

Second “R” is Recapture.  Most businesses are busy so when you have people who showed some interest but never committed it’s easy to choose to not pursue them.  You might be thinking “well if they aren’t interested, why should I try?” But you have to remember they are not playing hard to get. They just don’t know you yet. 

Imagine yourself house hunting and you view a house, after that visit the agent continues to share with you about the school district, about the neighborhood block parties, or the great memories the existing owners had in the home.  Things you don’t hear about on the first visit. It’s the same idea. Don’t disregard the people who went to your website but didn’t commit. Or shared their emails with you but didn’t commit. They just need some time to know you are a reliable, trustworthy brand.  And how you do that is to schedule follow up messages. Again what you say and how you say your message is essential to the success of the RECAPTURE campaign.

Third “R” is Reach. The biggest mistake most businesses make is starting with REACH when in reality it should be the last one you start with. Reach is paid advertising. And the most important aspect of paid advertising is the speed to lead. The longer you wait from the time the lead comes in the lower the chance of bringing them into your network. Adding automation to this process has allowed businesses to achieve that speed without a physical person manning the station all day every day. It lowers your expenses while increasing your sales conversions. This again is all done through consistent messaging. And as we already shared what you say and how you say your message is essential to the success of the REACH campaign.

I don’t have the time to go through what you say because every business is different but stay tuned I’ll walk through some examples in more detail. However how you say the message is done through 1 or all of these methods…

2 Way Text Messaging
A Pre Recorded Voice Message left in your Voice Mailbox.
Facebook Messaging
Physical Mail

I call it the RECON team. You send the RECON team to go and leave messages so then when you call them they are warmed up and ready to talk.

Whew, I may have missed a few points in the podcast but I think I covered it all here. Please click the link to listen to the podcast episode and subscribe to mine and other great interviews on Savage Marketer.

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