What 40 means to me..

What 40 means to me..

It has been a milestone in many ways. I reflected more on my Dad’s passing more than I ever have this past year. (This is what seeing a therapist will do.)

My Dad passed alway when I was 11 years old, my sister was 5, my mom was 39, and my Dad was 45.
He was definitely taken away too soon.

I can sit here and share about how losing my Dad was hard on me. But honestly, a lot of the things I was forced to do at a young age has taught me to be the hard working entrepreneur I am today and I’m thankful for having that as a part of my journey.

But what I really wanted to focus on is how strong and self sacrificing my mom has been to continue running the dry cleaners (Outpost Cleaner in Rancho Cucamonga) from 7am to 7 pm by herself after my Dad passed, keeping a roof over our head and food on the table and even some luxuries along the way like our first cars, she always tried to make the best decision for the family and business while struggling with the language since English was her second language.

Growing up, I always felt supported, I always felt loved and I always had a home.

I’m not saying we didn’t have some rough moments as a family. But looking back now, there is so much love, respect and awe of what she was able to accomplish. And finding out just this year that she was only 39/ 40 when she is trying to pick up the pieces of a major loss in our family…. I am… I don’t even have the words to say.

For majority of my life I focused on how hard it was for ME losing my Dad at a young age. But at 40, I must be finally maturing (철들어)because I’m seeing how much harder it probably was for my mom during that time.

As I turn 40 I look at how blessed I am in my life and how I have a wonderful Husband/ best friend, 2 loud and lovable boys, my mom, my in laws and siblings, cousins and friends to lean on and support me at age 40 my heart is overflowing with gratitude. I could not imagine doing life without their love and support.

So as I turn 40, I dedicate it to a women I am forever grateful to, she is our rock. She raised us to love God, to be there for family and love unconditionally.

Thank you Mom for giving birth to me 40 years ago today!